Hockey Maid Service Calgary Alberta Maintain Cleanliness In Your House

Do You Ever Just Look At Your Room And Wonder… “Where did all this mess come from?

Well, it may seem as though all the clutter and dirt just magically appeared but it’s really all of your doing, letting it sit for days without making the move to clean it all up.

Tips To Maintain Cleanliness In Your House

To help you maintain a semblance of cleanliness at home, better take note of some of these tips to make your house a little more livable and more pleasant to look at.

1. Return It or Just Throw It

– One of the basics of maintaining cleanliness is simply by returning things where you got them from or by throwing them in the trash bin (or dirty laundry basket) right away. We’re all guilty of delaying this simple task and later having to deal with accumulated trash or dirty clothes scattered across the floor.

The key to mastering the art of returning or throwing things? Just do it. Don’t allow yourself to be programmed in such a way that it’s okay for you to see clumped up trash in one corner or your dirty socks just sitting quietly on the floor. Pick it up and get it over with to avoid future headaches.

2. One Clean-up A Day

– We always tell ourselves that we’ll clean it all up one day. But let’s be honest, that “one day” almost always never comes. The key to maintaining cleanliness and orderliness at home is by turning it into a habit.

Cleaning doesn’t always have to be a major task. You can slowly build on it by doing one clean-up task a day. You can even create a schedule out of it to make it easier for you to follow. For example, on Mondays you can target the kitchen. On Tuesdays, you can change sheets and wash them right away. On Wednesdays, you can declutter your closet or give your bathroom a quick cleaning. Whichever way it is, turn it into a habit one simple task at a time and cleaning will naturally be ingrained in your DNA.

3. Keep Cleaning Products On Hand

– A big part contributing to our laziness when it comes to cleaning is having to round up all the cleaning products you need. There’s the mop, vacuum, broom, cleaning detergent, and so on.

Instead of having them all locked up and stored in the basement, better create a makeshift container for all of the essentials where you can easily grab them from. You can also keep handy cleaning products in your room such as odor and bacteria-eliminating spray, small vacuum, and what have you.

4. Make It Enjoyable

– Contrary to popular belief, cleaning can actually be enjoyable and not a total bore. It really depends on how you treat it to be.

You’d be surprised at how it can even be therapeutic, especially when you include some feel good music to go with it. You can also multitask by listening to a podcast as you mindlessly sweep away all the dirt in your living room. Next thing you know, you’ve gone through several educational episodes of your favorite podcast and your house is looking squeaky clean as ever.

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