Raise your hand if you dread heavy cleaning chore days. Now wouldn’t it be great if there’s a way you could transform those dreaded days into ones that you actually look forward to?

Hockey Maids Cleaning Company Provides The Following Tips For Turning Cleaning Services Into More Fun!

The key to start enjoying cleaning chores is beginning with changing your mindset.

But How Exactly Do You Do That?

Easy. You set the tone and atmosphere to get you “in the mood,” so to speak.

Here are 5 helpful tips and tricks that you can do now to make cleaning chores less of a bore and more fun:

1. Create a cleaning playlist – Whether it’s dance pop or rock ‘n roll, the easiest way to set a more exciting tone to doing chores is by creating a playlist that puts you in a more motivated mood. Regardless if it makes you dance, sing, or if it just simply inspires you, a playlist that’s filled with your favorite tunes would definitely help in easing the dread in cleaning and amping up your motivation.

2. Make it educational – Cleaning can be fun, but it can also be educational. If you want to double up on your productivity while cleaning, you can also listen to podcasts or audiobooks about your interests or even about learning something new as you sweep and wipe away throughout the day. This is also the perfect time to finish that book you’ve been eyeing but haven’t found some free time to actually read–so just listen to it!

3. Break it down – The idea of cleaning burdens us so much because we see it as a big task and hurdle that we have to get through. But how about breaking it down to small doable tasks and scheduling accordingly? For example, instead of targeting the whole room, you can first start with your bed or your closet. With a big task broken down into small tasks, it won’t seem sa daunting anymore.

4. Put on workout clothes – Another effective manner of changing how you feel about cleaning is by changing what you wear. Since cleaning extensively can really make you break a sweat, why not go all the way by wearing your favorite workout clothes to really get your blood pumping and the adrenaline start flowing? Now you’re cleaning while also burning some calories along the way–and we all know how working out can help bring out the endorphins and feel rewarding, right?

5. Reward yourself – Speaking of rewards, giving yourself a well deserved treat after doing some intense cleaning also helps keep you focused on the task and making sure to actually finish it. Have you been wanting to get those beautiful new dress? Perhaps you can first do a major cleaning of your closet and throw out those that you don’t wear anymore before adding a new one to your collection. You’ll feel double the fulfillment after cleaning and after allowing yourself to get that reward that you actually deserve.

When things get a little bit out of hand with regards to cleaning chores, it’s time to call in the professionals. Our cleaning team here at Hockey Maids Calgary is ready to take on whichever cleaning job you may have.

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