Hockey Maid Service Calgary Alberta Preparing Your Office For Winter Mold

Brace yourselves, winter is coming–and so is the mold that comes with it.

Don’t let the buildup of mold inside your office dampen the mood and hinder the productivity of all the employees, especially on days when it becomes too cold for you to even function properly.

Keep An Eye On The Moisture

Mold easily builds up when moisture gets trapped inside due to lack of proper ventilation. It may not seem much at first but once it gets to an alarming level, this type of decay can actually ruin paintwork and even eat through the walls. On top of that, the health of those within the area that has mold build up can also be put at risk as well.

The thing is, it’s pretty easy to prevent the onset of mold in the first place. At HockeyMaidsYYC, we believe, One way to do is to turn on the fan inside the bathroom when it’s in use to make sure that the moisture leaves and evaporates.

Even when you see mold, don’t panic. You can also rely on good old bleach to stop it in its tracks. Just have a handy spray bottle to use on the affected area and watch how the mold just disappears.

Beware Of The Health Risks

No one needs the unnecessary stress and health risk involved with the accumulation of mold during winter season, especially not your employees and co-workers. Put a stop to it before it even becomes a bigger problem by calling in our professional cleaning team from Hockey Maids Calgary Cleaning Services.

What your office space needs is a good deep cleaning, particularly come winter time, in order to avoid unwanted illnesses and diseases that may arise once the temperature drops. All you need to do is give us a call for a free and no strings attached quotation for Calgary janitorial services to get you started on making your workplace a better and more conducive area for everyone in the company.