Deep Cleaning By Hockey Maids

You may think that since your office gets regular cleaning on a daily, it’s already clean and good as new – well, think again because you may want to know more about deep cleaning your office.

There’s a difference between sweeping the floor and cleaning what’s been hiding under the carpet, which could be more than what you can handle. This is what in-depth cleaning is for, which should be rightfully handled by professional cleaning companies in Calgary.

What Does Deep Cleaning Entail?

Deep cleaning goes beyond simple regular cleaning such as mopping and surface wiping. While regular cleaning is mostly for maintenance, deep cleaning requires a more extensive process of eliminating dirt and grime that have accumulated and that have not been taken care of with simple surface cleaning.

In deep cleaning, carpets and upholstery are treated to eliminate stains and grime. Flooring, whether it’s cement, tile, wood, or ceramic would have to be thoroughly scrubbed, as well as refinished or sealed.

Air ducts are also checked and vacuumed with its filters changed if necessary. Other necessary deep cleaning methods are done to ensure that hard-to-reach spots are properly cleaned and remain dirt-free.

If you seek cleaning services Calgary professional help, you can also make special requests depending on the amount of dirt that’s already accumulated in your office space.

It’s also recommended to conduct deep cleaning on a non-working day, to make sure that there are no employees or clients are present when the professional Calgary cleaning team comes in to do the job.

How Important Is It to Have Your Office Deep Cleaned?

Do you know exactly just how much bacteria and germs can be found right at the desk you’re working on everyday? According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), “the typical office desk harbors more than 10 million bacteria, 400 times more germs than found on a toilet seat.”

Decluttering your desk is one thing to keep it looking clean, but it also needs proper sanitizing and so does the rest of the entire workplace.

This lessens the chances for employee illness and significantly improves productivity and the level of comfort as they work day in and day out. That reason alone makes it necessary to schedule deep cleaning for your entire office space.

When Should You Schedule For Deep Cleaning?

Speaking of scheduling with a professional cleaning services team, do you even know when deep cleaning should be conducted?

On an average, deep cleaning should be done at least twice a year, depending on the floor area and the size of the company. If your office has a larger number of employees and traffic, then it may need more attention and deep cleaning done at least every other month.

Is Your Office In Bad Shape Already?

Give us a call at Hockey Maids Service Calgary and schedule with our reliable team of cleaning professionals to give your workplace the ultimate deep cleaning it needs–or may have been needing for quite some time now!

All it takes is one call for us to give you a free quotation, no strings attached. It’s also a great way to assess exactly what type of cleaning your office needs on a regular basis.

Give Calgary cleaning services a call to make your workplace a more conducive space for you and your employees.